paint by dumbers

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about paint by dumbers:

When I was younger, I entered a pun contest.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t win,
so I entered ten puns in hopes that one would win.  No pun in ten did.  Now I compile
all puns and wordplay ideas then draw them in Microsoft Paint.NET (the weird uncle
to THE Microsoft Paint). 

To date, I have compiled over 3,120 puns and completed 700 illustrations including a velocirapper (a rapping dinosaur), a BobRossiraptor (painting happy meteors), and the velocirapture.  I’ve done famoose people like Moose Springsteen, Mooseter Rogers, and Moose Wayne.  Perhaps my most popular series is the based off the Tyrannosaurus – a TyrannoTHORus, a Cyannosaurus, a Tyrannosmoreus, etc.    

I began illustrating these puns two years ago and emailing them to a growing list of friends, family, and fans.  I was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Sunday feature “The Next Page” and have a gallery of Famous Franks hanging at Franktuary.  I have worked on a number of projects including the Famous Franks, a Hang Moose series, a line of stationary, some wearables, and even some wrapping paper. 

Because this is a hobby for me, of whatever art I sell, 50% of my proceeds go to my children’s education and the other half goes to charity. 

I am inspired in equal parts by puns and by laughter.  My goal is to bring joy to those who see my art.  It is simple, fun, cheeky art that harkens back to more innocent times – the time of Oregon Trail in computer class and doodling in Microsoft Paint.